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You love your sports, but we know you can’t be at the game every time. And when you can’t be there, you deserve to watch your sports and your teams at a venue worthy of your exceptional level of fan-dom; your own iN HOME VENUE!   This site is dedicated to bringing you the best information about creating and enjoying your own iN HOME VENUE.
iNDEMAND Live Subscription Sports Packages
Watch the MLB, NBA and NHL live- all teams and games- from the comfort of your own iN HOME VENUE! When you choose iNDEMAND Live Subscriptions Sports, your home team along with the entire league is available for your viewing entertainment.
Our Partners Make Your Live Sports Even Better
We have chosen partners to help enhance your IN HOME VENUE viewing experience, from having the best television, sound and furniture to the best refreshments and beyond.
our Partners
Purchasing iNDEMAND Sports Packages
iNDEMAND Sports Subscriptions packages are available from your local cable provider:
MLB Extra Innings    
NBA League Pass    
NHL Center Ice
iNDEMAND Live Sports

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