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AdX is the most innovative technology enabled Advertising Rep Firm in linear cable TV, in-venue sports, transportation and hospitality advertising. AdX creates, aggregates and monetizes new and existing, highly sought-after ad inventory.

AdXcelerant's®  Products and Services

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Linear Ad Insertion Gear

AdXcelerant® wrote the book on single-unit digital ad insertion when we launched our analog insertion equipment in 2006, but with Quantum™ we’re re-writing the entire video insertion encyclopedia to encompass advertising, OTT/CDN applications, IPTV, network origination, alternative content splicing, mobile delivery and whatever else content providers can imagine.

Advertising Sales

AdXcelerant® maximizes ad sales revenue by ensuring advertisers realize the value of your inventory.  With AdXcelerant®  multi-platform national reach, we have the insight to bring our clients’ inventory to the forefront with advertisers.

Ad Tech Stack

AdXcelerant® offers a complete DSP and SSP solution. AdXact is where publishers and advertisers meet for unique and highly valuable inventory. AdXcelerant® allows advertisers to maximize their budget by bidding on inventory that is targeted and ensures the value of that inventory is recognized for publishers.

DOOH  ad servicesIndustry leading AdTechCustom ad management system

Digital Ad Sales

AdXcelerant® presents targeted mobile advertising with AdGorilla. AdGorilla offers streamlined creation and deployment of custom mobile audiences, reports, and analytics for any location. AdGorilla provides transparency to publishers by utilizing over 200 terabytes of actual visit data – no modeled data, no extrapolated data, no bad data, and no canned audience segments. AdGorilla's platform produces superior audiences that outperform other solutions with reporting and analytics you can trust.

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Client Testimonials

"AdXcelerant's®  turnkey system allowed iNDEMAND to launch an advertising initiative within our sports product. Every portion of their team--from sales, traffic, operations, and engineering--has gone the extra mile to provide us excellent service. Most importantly, their technology is solid, seamless, and designed to easily adapt to every video format we receive."

John Schultz
SVP Broadcast Operations at iNDEMAND

"We started working with AdGorilla 3 years ago to create expanded opportunities for our clients that have not only increased revenue but have been a win-win-win for all parties involved.  The ease of working with them and their attention to detail has been fantastic.”

William J. Barbera
EVP of Sales, Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment/Dorna USA


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