Cut the Cord, Not the Convenience

Cutting the cord does not mean that you have to sacrifice your top programming. AdXcelerant®  offers a low-cost set-top box to ensure cutting the cord is as convenient as ever. With AdX Link, get the best of both worlds- Streaming and Regular TV all in one box that connects to any TV.


Reduce your monthly TV expenditure with AdX Link. Our STB connects to all TVs and offers a branded guide.


With AdX Link, you can conveniently cut the cord. Link easily connects to any TV and with our set-top box, you will never lose TV signal due to unreliable internet or inclement weather. Link offers over 40 over the air channels of quality programs including all major local networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more. Additionally, Link comes pre-loaded with the most popular streaming apps, allowing consumers a single stop for all of their TV watching needs!

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