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AdXcelerant®  recognizes the need to monetize inventory and create revenue to support your business. AdXcelerant®  will maximize your ad sales revenue by leveraging our multi-platform national reach to ensure your inventory is at the forefront with potential advertisers.

Driving Revenue with Ad Sales

AdXcelerant®  provides advertising sales in a multitude of facets.  Whether you are looking for a turn-key ad sales group to facilitate sales for your local cable system, looking to include your inventory in our national portfolio, or monetize your network, AdXcelerant®  does it all!

Publisher Support

In addition to advertising sales, AdXcelerant®  supports our publishers by encouraging them to utilize their inventory for self-promotion and cross-product marketing.


We enable publishers to upsell customers with current offerings, growing your core business and driving revenue to the bottom line.  

Manage your AdTech

Powerful Back Office Support

AdXcelerant®  knows that sales and support go hand-in-hand. AdXcelerant®  provides streamlined and seamless support, guaranteeing that all orders are fully executed, and revenue is maximized.

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AdXcelerant's® turnkey system allowed iNDEMAND to launch an advertising initiative within our sports product. Every portion of their team--from sales, traffic, operations, and engineering--has gone the extra mile to provide us excellent service. Most importantly, their technology is solid, seamless, and designed to easily adapt to every video format we receive.

John Schultz
SVP Broadcast Operations

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