Nation’s Top-Rated Targeted Mobile Advertising Product
Drive sales by harnessing the power of valuable and unique data to perform insightful analysis of your target audience.

Communicate directly with your precise market at a cost lower than any other time in advertising history.

Our Platforms Features

Mobile Device Audience Creation

AdGorilla’s Proprietary technology determines who has visited your location and who has visited your competition. This allows you to identify exactly who your competition is, so we then build your hyper targeted audience.

Geoframing & Geofencing

We deliver your message to "Ready-to-Buy" consumers' mobile devices and laptops based on their past and present location- even when they are at your competitor's place of business.

Pre-Roll TV

Tell your video story while your target market is streaming their favorite content.

Search Engine Marketing

Word search strategy is essential. We put your website front and center when your target audience searches the web.

Connected TV

Deliver your video ad into targeted homes' mobile devices and Connected TV sets on the nation’s most watched streaming networks.


Let us assist in making certain your message, story, image, brand and call to action are compelling and effective.  We have a team ready to create your display or video ad.

Analytics Portal

24/7 real-time reporting including ad interactions, call tracking, visit analysis, and time spent on your website. These all add up to meaningful results!

Simple Yet Effective Strategy and Process

AdGorilla ad strategy

Your business needs, desires, goals, and company culture are like no other.


We at AdGorilla pride ourselves in understanding your value proposition before we design your ad strategy.


Together we will discuss your goals and how we define success and benchmarks.


When proper planning and a commitment to success occurs, goals are exceeded.


We at AdGorilla are humbled that our current retention rate for our Digital marketing division is over 90%.


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