AdXcelerant®  is revolutionizing multi-channel ad insertion

AdXcelerant® specializes in the placement of ad campaigns across multiple advertising channels including cable television, connected television (CTV), television delivered over Internet Protocol (IPTV), streaming video services delivered via the Internet (over-the-top programming or “OTT”), websites, mobile phones, audio streams delivered over the Internet or through mobile phone applications, email, and digital-out-of-home devices and networks (“DOOH”).  Reach people at home, en route, and at their destinations through AdXcelerant's® market-leading  channel mix that provides unprecedented advertising reach.

Meet the Team

Dan Ryan
Video and Advertising Expert
Jenna Ryan
EVP Product Management
Product Design and Delivery Expert
Paul Slagle
EVP Direct Ad Sales
Cable Programming ad Sales Veteran
Eric Stassen
VP Software Engineering
Video Technology Expert

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