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AdXcelerant® wrote the book on single-unit digital ad insertion when we launched our analog insertion equipment in 2006. With Quantum™ we’re re-writing the entire video insertion encyclopedia to encompass advertising, OTT/CDN applications, IPTV, network origination, alternative content splicing, mobile delivery and whatever else content providers can imagine.

single-unit digital ad insertion

Video Ad Insertion

  • Have an IP video network that needs a better insertion solution? Quantum™ can execute insertions as quickly as in a single day from installation to operation. With our software-based, single-platform solution, your team doesn’t spend time configuring unnecessary hardware interfaces and you’re ready to go that much faster!
  • To execute advertising insertions, AdXcelerant can operate off of a number of triggering standards including SCTE 35 and DTMF for television applications and customized triggers developed for your application. And Quantum™ plays well with others – or alone. There is no need for any 3rd party equipment and there are no licensing fees for your customers to enjoy Seamless Splices from SSP Quantum™.
Video ad insertion
AdTech Quantum

Multi-cast Solutions

Quantum™ is also the backbone of AdXcelerant’s technology offerings for network origination services and advanced advertising products.  The same technology that blends advertising and network content into a seamless video stream also permits us to originate complete linear video streams for content license holders.

AdXcelerant's end-to-end solution for Network Origination and Operations can help Content Networks by providing turn-key services and the technical expertise to develop new networks to launch and beyond.

Key Features

We started with analog advertising insertion and evolved with the industry to include MPEG-2, H.245, and HEVC/H.265 digital video streams for CDN applications, IPTV, network origination, and alternative content switching and splicing.  

Ad Insertion technology


Quantum and SSP operate from several triggering standards, including SCTE 35and DTMF for television applications, as well as customized triggers developed for your specific application.
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Cost Effective

Quantum plays well with others - or alone.  There is no need for 3rd party equipment and there are no licensing fees.  Whether you are replacing an antiquated system or realizing a new revenue stream, Quantum maximizes your revenue.
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From small rural headends to large media centers, AdXcelerant's ad insertion gear has been deployed in over 300 different locations. Our plug and play design simplifies installation and allows operators to be poised for generating revenue immediately.

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