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Reach your desired audience with unique, targeted inventory. AdXcelerant®  offers highly targeted advertising inventory that allows agencies and brands to gain awareness by placing ads directly into their desired content. AdXcelerant®  provides advertisers the unique opportunity to buy ad inventory during specific programming, such as sports programming in MLB, NHL and NBA games.

We started working with AdXcelerant®  3 years ago to create expanded opportunities for our clients that have not only increased revenue but have been a win-win-win for all parties involved.  The ease of working with them and their attention to detail has been fantastic.

William J. Barbera
Sports & Entertainment
In-home ad insertion

The Right Message, at the Right Time

With our unique inventory, you know the exact demographic you are reaching. Placing ads in specific programming, during specific time periods ensures that advertisers are maximizing their budget. With in-home advertising, every impression counts and AdXcelerant's®  seamless ad insertion technology ensures your message reaches the consumer flawlessly.

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