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Unique to the industry, AdXcelerant® knows that one size does not fit all.  That’s why we offer our AdXcelerant® Sales Services for your ad sales endeavor.  Whether you need a full, turnkey solution or state-of-the-art outsourced ad sales support, AdXcelerant® has the solution that meets YOUR needs.

Your Sales, Our Solution and Support
Ad Sales CRM
  • Desktop interface for ad sales
  • Creates client proposals
  • Allows one-click order input
  • Includes sales budget tracking
  • Client contact list and action item reminders included
Traffic Services
  • Creation of daily schedules based on orders input
  • Electronic delivery of schedules to ad insertion equipment
  • Spot management with traffic instructions
  • Daily verification of commercial insertions
  • Clients typically use 25% of local insertions for marketing and promotions
  • Monthly generation of invoices and affidavits
  • Manual verification of co-op billing
  • Delivery of monthly local billing summary to Client system
  • Monthly bulk delivery of individual invoices for all local client orders
  • Local collection services available
Commercial Encoding
  • Complete encoding services for commercial spots
  • Collection of spots from FTP or electronic delivery services
  • Daily uploading of spots to ad insertion equipment
  • CALM Act compliant
National Advertising Sales & Coordination
  • All national sales managed by AdGorilla
  • Creation and management of sales material including rate cards, EMKs, system profiles, etc.
  • A/R tracking for national clients
  • Collection and disbursement of funds to Client system
Digital Advertising Sales Capabilities
  • Advertisers are often looking to supplement TV advertising with an online marketing presence
  • Advanced digital advertising CRM
  • Video and display digital advertising capabilities
  • Access to the highest quality network of publishers in the online market
Support for AdTech tools


AdXcelerant®  supports sales organizations across the US and Internationally. Whether you want support that is completely white-labeled or AdXcelerant®  to run your entire support system, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

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