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AdXact is where publishers and advertisers meet for unique and highly valuable inventory. AdXcelerant®  allows advertisers to maximize their budget by bidding on inventory that is highly targeted and ensures the value of that inventory is recognized for publishers.

AdXact is advanced AdTech


Real time bidding provides many benefits to both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers in particular, they can target their precise audience, expand their reach, gain control and flexibility over their marketing budget, and maximize ROI. With AdXact, the cost of impressions is measured and transparent, ensuring advertisers optimize their results.

AdTech built for advertisers
Maximize revenue with AdTech


Capturing maximum revenue for ad inventory is critical to monetize your business. Through data-driven technology, AdXact ensures that our publishers' ad inventory is properly positioned so the value of your inventory is never lost. AdXcelerant's®  long-standing relationships with agencies and brands will drive demand for your unique inventory.

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