Accelerate Revenue with Data Driven Technology

Our data is unparalleled, enabling buyers to optimize campaign performance. With over 200TB of scrubbed, reliable visit data, buyers have real-time insight into campaign performance with valuable analytics. Buyers can manage marketing expenditure through audience creation, attribution reporting, location analytics and performance reporting.

Know Your Audience

Custom Audience Creation

Customize your audience with demographics, location, address lists, interests, and more. Precise audience creation leads to exceptional results!

Not only can you build your own audience, AdXcelerant®  also provides online and downloadable reports to learn about the profile, interests, and behavior of those unique audiences. This data is invaluable for showing advertisers the composition, reach, and attributes of their audiences and providing insights and recommendations that aren’t available from other solutions.

Custom audience creation

Current Audience

AdTech measurable data

Measurable Results

AdXcelerant's®  platform provides the tools to capture foot-fall metrics during and after a campaign to measure in-store visit results. Campaign CTR can be tracked in real-world locations with AdXcelerant's®  attribution reports and combined with your online metrics, providing a comprehensive view on campaign performance and value.

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