Captivate Your Captive Audience

Hotels, Planes, Trains and Cruise ships are the perfect opportunity to captivate a captive audience. AdXcelerant® partners with industry leaders to aggregate the most valuable ad inventory, allowing buyers to reach their audience with a relevant, compelling message.


Share your message with travelers on full-screen or partial-screen ad space via free-to-guest, welcome screens and VOD. Brands and local businesses can display messages and reach customers prior to making a purchasing decision.

DOOH for hotels
DOOH for airlines


Advertising on seatbacks or personal use devices in-flight, reaches a captive audience with the right message at the right time. Reaching consumers with a travel-related product or service during flight time is the perfect opportunity to make an impression just before the time of purchase.

Cruise Ships

Advertising on in-cabin televisions and personal use devices is pertinent for promoting products and services available to your passengers. Businesses and services available at destinations can utilize this inventory to reach consumers that are engaged and ready to make a purchasing decision.

DOOH for cruise lines

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