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Benefits of Having a Blog for Your Business

March 29, 2022

Unsure how a blog could impact your business?

Continue reading to learn about 5 of the main benefits of having a blog for your business.

1.     Boost Your SEO

One of the most important reasons that your business should be blogging is that it improves your company’s SEO. In simple terms, businesses that blog rank higher on Google and other popular search engines. If the goal is to attract customers and get your website discovered, blogging is a free and organic way to do just that.

There are a few ways that writing blogs helps with your brand’s SEO. The first big reason is that it keeps your website active with constant updates – whether that be about the company or your industry is up to you! Google and other search engines avoid sending searchers to outdated sites. When you constantly update your blog and post new content, Google’s algorithm recognizes that and sends searchers your way.

Beyond creating new content, you can create targeted content. If you’re strategic with using certain phrases, you will improve your Google ranking of keyword searches. Bottom line: you need to anticipate what key words your audience will search and incorporate those words or phrases into your blogs.

2. Increase Traffic to Your Website.

Every time you create and publish a blog post, it adds another page to your website, which creates more opportunities for your business to show up on the search engine results page and drive traffic to your website in organic search.

Businesses that blog posts on average receive 55% more website traffic than those who don’t have them on their site. Some of the traffic that your blog post receives comes from existing customers, but blogs are great ways to pull new people in as well. For example, if someone finds your blog via a Google search, there’s one more reader (and potential customer) that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Once you have new eyes looking at your business, you’re one step closer to bringing in a new customer. Your blog also acts as a 24/7 customer support or salesperson that can provide valuable information and insights about your products and industry. This will help potential customers make decisions that they wouldn’t have been able to make without this information available.

3. Repurpose blog content for social media.

Blogging for your business also helps you get discovered via social media. Every time you create a new article, you're creating content that people can share on social networks which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

Instead of having to create brand new content for social media each day / week / month, your blog can serve as that repository of content. You’re strengthening your social reach with blog content and driving new website visitors to your blog via your social channels.

4. Convert traffic into leads.

Like every blog post you write is another page on your website, each post is a new opportunity to generate new leads for your sales team. Adding a lead-generating call-to-action (CTA) to every blog post is the perfect way to optimize your posts.

Often, these calls-to-action lead to things like free demos, fact sheets, webinars, trials, or any content asset for which someone would be willing to exchange their information.

If you consistently create valuable content or articles for your target audience, it'll establish you as an industry leader or authority in their eyes.

5. Keep Your Audience Engaged and Share Relevant, Helpful Content

Promoting your services and goods is not easy, especially in a highly competitive business climate. That's when the blog comes in handy. It helps you with the multimedia representation of your company, keeps the audience interested, and promotes your company. Think about promoting your videos, podcasts, interviews, and more on your blog. Content like this is beneficial for your audience and great content for your website. The most critical part is the overall quality of your posts.

Another benefit blogging affords every big, and small business is a medium to share their company news and stories. Blogs can contain not only articles but also news that highlight what a company is up to.

Not only does sharing company news on your blog humanize your brand, but it also helps your audience see that you’re not always about selling.

These are just some of the key benefits that can come from having a blog for your business! Start today to increase your exposure, drive leads and much more.