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Combat Cutting the Cord

October 25, 2022

Let’s get real – cutting the cord has become a fast-growing trend for consumers. Based on an article from Next TV, TV distributors lost 9% of their subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 alone. In all, the linear video industry lost 2.1 million subscribers in the first quarter, the worst since Q12020. Cable losses have been growing and that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

Several sports leagues have started to put games on streaming platforms, a trend that may accelerate, further hurting the linear TV business, which was expected to be supported by live programming, including news as well as sports.

As cable continues to shrink, niche channels become less viable. Some will support themselves via streaming services, while others will either cut their budgets or go dark altogether.Moving forward, consumers and cable operators are faced with few solutions.



Our Solution:

Don't know how to combat cutting the cord? Our set-top-box makes it more convenient than ever while allowing you to continue to deliver value based on your customers changing usage of technology.

We have a solution to help combat cutting the cord. Introducing our convenient set-top box that is easy to install and provides many benefits. Our box includes advertisements, regular tv guide and streaming service apps all-in-one.



·     Convenient, low-cost set-top box

·      Over 40 over the air channels of quality programs including all major local networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more.

·      Intuitive & easy-to-navigate TV guide

·      Our box comes pre-loaded with the most popular streaming apps, allowing your tenants a single stop for all TV watching needs


Benefits for MDUs

·      Provide an additional amenity for your tenants

·      Use inventory to promote services, events & amenities within your building

·      Limit rent increases due to new earned revenue (keep your tenants happy)

·      Build community by allowing local advertisers to utilize inventory



Benefits for Cable Operators

·      Utilize ad inventory to upsell your broadband services and offerings

·      Earn revenue from advertisements

·      Provide a branded channel guide to your customers


The best part is that we split all of the revenue with you making our set-top box the perfect revenue solution for all locations.


Ready to combat cutting the cord by hopping on the trend AND making revenue doing so?! Contact us today at sales@adxcelerant.com to learn more about our set-top-box and the added benefits for your business.