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Company History

October 20, 2022

About us:

AdXcelerant was originally founded in 2008 as AdGorilla to fill the need for affordable, digital, linear video ad insertion for the cable industry.​ We built a specialized and patented, single-box ad serving and insertion platform from scratch. Our design was aimed to aggregate ad inventory and insert advertising specific to our customers’ marketplace and growth needs.​

On top of that, we built a complimentary advertising sales and fulfillment services platform for internal use and as a PaaS platform for our customers. ​With these products, we grew the company into a best-in-class, profitable, self-funded, video technology company. Our company also designs proprietary software, providing unequaled video content, quality management, seamless content splicing, and advertising insertion and sales. AdXcelerant has a footprint that is now domestic and Global.​

In 2020, AdGorilla merged with Bulzi Media in order to gain access to unique inventory in the digital media advertising industry. Through this merger, we were able to expand our focus into hospitality, travel, health care, in-venue sports as well as other in-home and out-of-home venues.​

Since the merger in June 2020, we have:​

·      Brought together a team of high-caliber software developers.​

·      Created a Supply-Side Platform (SSP) for managing end-point ad inventory.​

·      Developed a state-of-art Ad Server for delivering video and display ads to essentially any advertising end-point.​

·      Developed an ad-delivery CDN.​

·      Created a customized middleware for managing set top boxes (STBs) for hospitality, residential deployment and other Digital-Out-of-Home applications.​

·      Created a custom, ad-enabled GUI for Android-powered STBs. ​

·      Tested our entire platform with two hotel infrastructure systems integrators.​

·      Grown our AdX team by adding Sales Executives and a Marketing Manager.

Our team is growing and we’re looking forward to expanding our business throughout 2022!

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