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Digital Advertising 101

October 20, 2022

Digital Advertising 101


We’ve all heard about it, but do you really know what digital advertising is? Or how greatly it can impact your business?


Digital advertising can be defined in many ways. In its’ simplest form, digital advertising is communication to a company’s target audience about their product, service or brand through a virtual platform. You can choose which digital ads are best for your business and customers by determining the type of platform that will work well for your company. Some methods may be more suitable than others depending on what kind or audience one wants to reach out to. It's important not only in choosing an advertising channel but also keeping track how things change over time as new technologies emerge!



How can digital advertising help you grow your business?


Let’s face it, consumers are spending the majority of their time on the internet. This means that digital advertising can help you reach your target audience and take your business right into where they're already browsing! 64% of people say they’ve been influenced to buy something by watching a video online. 52% of buying decisions can be traced back to Facebook and according to Google itself, there are 3.5 billion searches made by users per day. Online is where the people are. To reach them, you need to be there to build brand awareness and increase lead generation. In the end, this will result in more sales for your company which is why digital advertising is so important.


Still not convinced?


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