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DOOH Trends to Watch in 2023

February 3, 2023
Data-driven Creative /Strategies

This type of creative provides the power to design ad campaigns in real time based on data-informed insights.Unlocking greater brand potential compared to traditional channels, this strategy allows you to dynamically shift messaging, launch personalized campaigns and better engage your audience.

Creativity has an important role to play in the success of campaigns. Recent studies support this, as Google and a variety of digital platforms have seen increased engagement levels with campaigns that leverage data analysis for optimized creative output. In fact, some estimates put creativity's influence on sales at 40%.

Programmatic technology has revolutionized marketers' strategies, enabling them to leverage data-powered predictions for the future instead of simply relying on past behaviors and trends. Trigger-based targeting in programmatic DOOH is an exemplary example of this new approach that has opened a world of possibilities with its ability to accurately forecast consumer behavior.

To remain competitive, advertisers must continually innovate by strategically using data and increasing their test-and-learn campaigns. By utilizing a variety of metrics to measure the success of out-of-home advertisement efforts - including impressions, reach, brand awareness as well as online/offline sales performance- it is easier for marketers to identify which indicators are most fitting for successful results.

By leveraging the power of data-driven creativity, companies can gain a competitive advantage in marketing efforts.


Location Based OOH Advertising

2023 is projected to be the year that location-based OOH advertising takes off. Ads will become increasingly tailored to the environment and audience, making them more impactful on viewers' mindsets - creating a truly personalized journey for everyone who passes by.

Technology and the internet are revolutionizing marketing trends in cities around the world. From sensors that collect information on the traffic situation, air quality or temperature, these digital advancements are giving us an unprecedentedly detailed look at our fast-changing urban landscape.

Advertisers can use this data to craft targeted, localized messages that address the needs and challenges of consumers. Brands can also take advantage of these insights by strategically placing advertising panels in areas with high foot traffic -turning downtime into an opportunity for outreach!

Mobile & Multi-channel Integration

Out-of-home marketing is an essential part of the user experience. To maximize customer engagement, some companies have taken their strategies to a whole new level by incorporating mobile and outdoor ads with cutting edge technology. These innovative methods enable customers to interact directly with advertisements in real time - providing valuable insights for brands while creating highly tailored experiences based on direct feedback from users.

Through beacons and billboards, businesses can make instantaneous connections with their customers while they're in the vicinity. It's becoming more common for ads to jump straight onto phones using beacon technology - delivering a truly targeted experience that engages consumers on an individual level.

To maximize brand engagement and ensure their messaging is top-of-mind, brands can use mobile media in combination with digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns. This allows them to reengage consumers exposed to the DOOH campaign on their device while amplifying its impact or directing a more specific call-to action. Consumers will benefit from personalized messages that remain relevant throughout daily activities!

In 2023, outdoor advertisements will start to integrate more with social media and television.The integration will also help grow other mediums using motion capability in digital out-of-home advertising and scalable content. The multi-channel integration is instrumental in ensuring that the message delivered across all mediums is coherent and consistent with the brand’s image. It means that the brand’s TV adverts will align with their DOOH efforts leading to a transparent communication platform for brands with their audiences.


Interactive Advertisements

In 2023, outdoor advertising will use Bluetooth beacons to reach relevant audiences with tailored messaging. This innovative technology allows marketers to adjust the content based on local consumer needs and wants – increasing its visibility in any location. By collecting data from these campaigns, advertisers can fine-tune their targeting efforts for maximum impact - leveraging contextually driven messages that efficiently capture potential customers' attention.

Interactive ads provide an effective way to reach target audiences, engage them in your campaigns and make a lasting impact. They open avenues for increasing brand awareness and building relationships with key prospects - all while driving higher conversion rates.

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