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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Advertising and Consumer Buying Behavior

January 31, 2022

Almost two years later, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to change the lives and businesses of individuals around the globe. Similarly, the pandemic has also altered and challenged the existing rules about consumers’ buying behaviors and attitudes. Social distancing and stay-at-home customs have forced whole consumer segments to shop differently.The vast majority of consumers who have increased their use of digital and omnichannel services, such as home delivery, curbside pickup, or shopping via social media platforms, expect to sustain these activities in the future.

The Covid-19 crisis has reinforced what we already know: that brands must communicate in very local and specific terms, targeting specific consumers based on what is most relevant to them. That means truly understanding the situation on the ground, country by country, state by state, zip code by zip code. For some businesses, based on their industry and end goal, it may even mean tailoring communications store by store.

With more consumers moving out of urban areas and to the suburbs and rural regions, localized marketing has become more prominent. Research shows that two-thirds of consumers are shopping primarily in neighborhood stores or buying more locally sourced products. Localized content and personalization are more important than ever in order to strengthen a connection with the audience.

How can your company act on these changes?

Understanding where, when and why customers are shopping at certain places is important now more than ever. These transformative changes require marketers to reconsider what they know about their changed customers, and just how to reach and engage them. Moving forward, an omnichannel marketing / advertising strategy is essential to survival. Brands must be agile, innovative, and ready to experimentin what will become a constantly evolving new, marketing landscape.

As companies rely increasingly on personal data that they obtain with consent from consumers, they must not only comply with the regulations on consumer privacy and ensure that data is secure, but they also have the opportunity to consider building even more loyalty and differentiation by designing more transparent interfaces for privacy controls.

At AdXcelerant, our product(s) allow advertisers to target users on GPS connected devices (such as a mobile phone) with advertisements when the user enters a highly specific virtual geographic location.  Serving ads to users that enter a targeted area is known as geofencing. Our platform delivers customized consumer insights and targeted advertising audiences using location analytics, demographics, digital visitor data, and more. With our method, you can pinpoint your ideal audience to ensure your advertisements are reaching the right customers for your business.

Sound interesting? Your company can positively impact from these changes starting today! Our team would love to schedule a demo with you and/or your company to review your business goals and determine how our products can supplement them.

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