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The Importance of Case Studies & Customer Testimonials

February 7, 2022


Case Studies

Especially in business, case studies can be a very important tool because, regardless of the size, any business benefits from customer testimonials. These studies utilize a story-based structure to describe how a customer or business problem was overcome by using your business, product, or service. Overall, case studies have the ability to show how effective a company’s product or service was during a given time.

Sharing successful case studies with current and prospective clients can build trust in the ability of your business. Similarly, having evidence-based case studies detailing how you helped a customer solve their problem can be a highly effective marketing and lead generation tool for your business. Positive case studies will have a similar effect on your business as everyone wants their company to be as or more successful than others.

Customer Testimonials

There are a couple different ways in which testimonials are important and can benefit a business.

From a customer's perspective, reviews and testimonials help immensely during the decision-making process. They heavily influence how much a customer can trust a new brand or product, and even one negative review can sway a potential customer. Additionally, a business with no reviews raises a red flag; positive or negative, reviews are always beneficial in a customer's eyes.

From a business's perspective, reviews and testimonials help businesses understand why they are retaining or losing their customers. With reviews and testimonials, companies can make educated decisions about what needs to remain the same and what needs to change to be as successful as possible. Lastly, positive reviews help convert interested consumers and leads into buyers and loyal customers.

Back in 2017, a conducted study stated that the regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate roughly sixty-two percent more revenue not only from every customer but from every time they visit your brand. Ninety-two percent of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase. This is even more prevalent today with the increase of online shopping due to the pandemic.

To give an example of a positive case study, we have listed one of ours below:

AdXcelerant Case Study: Financial Institution

Main Points:

Objective– Raise Awareness & Increase Brand Presence

Results– Increased CTR from 0.23% to 11.8% & 75% landing page conversion rate


A trusted financial institution that focuses on delivering a host of reliable products to businesses came to AdGorilla to raise awareness of their solutions and increase brand presence in new regional markets.

Operating in a highly competitive industry, the company needed to distinguish itself from competitors by raising awareness of its brand in local markets and building relationships.

We used insights for over 250 hyper-local competitive banking institutions to execute a bi-modal approach via digital marketing and direct mail to power the campaign. The goal was to increase local engagement and generate more business interest by identifying banking customers in a regional footprint.

Over 6 weeks, we achieved an 11.8% CTR (compared to a 0.23%) and a 75% landing page conversion rate.

Looking for similar results? Contact us via email at sales@adxcelerant.com to start accelerating your revenue.